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Tumblr Reunion

Tumblr, I have finally return to you as College Graduate!  

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High School Favorites. Only got them for $2.50 together at my local Library’s Book Sale :)


”The night is dark and full of brokenhearted Gendrya Shippers.”


HAHA Yayy! I just got referenced from my quote XD

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So I know that some of my followers here are also my subscribers from my Nail Art Youtube Channel. I’ve been meaning to make a video for this but as always I’m a busy full-time student. So I thought I’ll share all of you of what I made. Please let me know if you wish to see a tutorial of it :)
My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash Inspired Nail Art.
Photo taken by my cousin Alexandra.
One of my favorite british shows, Skins :D
Watch the tutorial -
For all the Doctor Who Fans :D
watch the tutorial -
You can tell an if a musician is great when they sing in their live performance and its just as good or better than their studio recording. And Ed Sheeran is one of them :D I’m an huge fan of Ed Sheeran! Ed Sheeran is an singer/songwriter/producer from England and he is absolutely a genius with his music. So here is a very simple to do nail art inspired by Ed Sheeran’s CD album and his paw print logo.
Watch the tutorial -
So a couple of weeks ago I was having such a craving for In-N-Out burgers and that’s when I realized an In-N-Out nail art was one of my earliest requests but never got around to create it until now :D And this is perfect nail art to wear since it is summer right now :D Now I’m really, really craving for In-N-Out brugers haha
Watch the tutorial :D
(re-upload.) This was requested by my good friend, Alyssa. And it’s also an early birthday gift for her too :D I add in the green and the pearls because her fave color is green and that she always love to dress up nicely.Hope all of you enjoy the tutorial :D
Watch the tutorial -
I was inspired after watching one of Meliney’s nail art designs and I found it sooo beautiful. She makes really cute nail art designs :DSo here is little recreation of it. It’s a little different but it’s still cute. It’s a very simple, easy and cute design that is great for prom, dates, parties, etc. You also can choose the color of your choice. Yellow, purple, pink, you name it :]
watch the tutorial :
Watch the tutorial :
I’ve been loving these particular Nautical nail art that I’ve found online. I think the hearts gives a great touch. So here is my little inspired nail art. Hope you all enjoy it :D
Inspired by these designs